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DEHUMANI2ATION                          5 5

prising process. The social milieu becomes
more unified, but in this very unification person-
ality is more heavily oppressed than in a more
differentiated society. Instead of the living
personality of the worker, his welfare, the rights
of labour, we see proclaimed as the supreme value
the power and well-being of the state, the social
collective. The means of production, instead of
being given to the producers, as Marx demanded,
are turned over to the fascist or communist state.
The State is recognized as the subject, while man
becomes the object. This is the extreme form
of the objectivization of human existence: man
is emptied of every inner value. The process
of socializing economic life, a process not only
just but necessary, now becomes a process of
socializing integral humanity, that is, the sub-
jection of man to society in the most secret and
intimate spheres of his being.

But this process is just the reverse of that
needed to produce a true brotherhood of man,
the communion of personalities, of " me " and
" thee." All men become the objects of organ-
ization. The crisis through which mankind is
passing, the denial of liberty is the denial of
man himself. For the truly justified process
of reducing mankind to a level may proceed
in two directions: it may proclaim the dignity,
the value and the liberty of every individual